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Ho una solida ( 18 anni) esperienza dell’online,  dapprima nel settore airline, che ho successivamente ampliato con hotellerie, lusso, automotive e bancario sia in Italia sia all’estero.

Nel dettaglio mi occupo di

    • Project Management in progetti web
    • Gestione e Manutenzione siti
    • Creazione contenuti Web
    • Ottimizzazione Seo di pagine e contenuti Web
    • Creazione e Gestione Campagne SEM
    • Creazione e Gestione account in Programmi di Affiliazione
    • Consulenza Advertising online
    • Creazione e gestione account Tripadvisor

A seguire alcuni endorsement (raccomandazioni) avute in mie precedenti esperienze lavorative.
L’elenco completo è visibile presso la mia pagina Linkedin.

On a 16 month Website and E-Marketing project, Andrea was introduced for the last 7 months and he very quickly not only familiarized himself with the new project but showed extremely high commitment and passion needed to get this tremendous work done. It has been a real pleasure to work with Andreas, participating in his passion and benefitting from his knowledge in E-Commerce and Website Marketing. His project management skills are perfectly paired with a great technical knowledge to enable him assessing any situation with the right perception. I can highly recommend Andrea as a reliable, engaged and very professional person with deep understanding of the Online world.
Daniel Krisch, Director Client Services, h2c consulting gmbh

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea on the delivery of the Starhotels website. His intelligent and passionate approach ensured every detail of the project was well considered and carefully refined. Andrea is extremely hard working and conscientious individual, but what impressed me most was his never ending thirst for knowledge and improvement.
David Gardner, Managing Director, Sedley Place Digital

Andrea is a web expert and I highly recommend him for all matters that concern the ‘online’ world. He is also a very friendly and open person and knows how to resolve all your web questions.” May 25, 2011
Fabrizio Gaggio, Direttore Generale – Managing Director, Starhotels SpA

I’ve been working with Andrea Randaccio for almost five years. He’s an open minded guy with many interests and a good cultural background. These qualities making him capable of approaching problems from non trivial point of view and finding innovative solutions. He has a clear vision of Online world but in the same time he’s strongly focused on value creation. It was a pleasure working with him.”
Gianni Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, Ridenergy

Andrea is eclectic and open minded with many interests and a strong cultural background, making him capable of approaching problems from non trival points of view and finding innovative solutions.
Attention to details, relaiability and excellent communication skills all contribute to his succesful career in a role which is technical and creative at the same time.” June 27, 2007
Paolo Comerci, Fi Solutions, Head of Europe at Santander GBM

I’ve been working with Andrea on Meridiana SEO/SEM activities for almost two years now and since the beginnig I knew I was dealing with a guy that knows exactly what he’s doing. Andrea is an energetic, driven, enthusiastic, highly capable person, multi-tasking and responsible. Moreover, he’s very friendly and open-minded. Working with him has always been a pleasure
Chiara Zanetta, Marketing Services Director at LBi Italy

Even if he is the Client I am providing account services to, I have learned a lot from him.
His curiosity, his need for transparency, his focus on results against investments move people to be as precise as possible. He has a social and friendly attitude towards people he deals with, but at the same time takes in high consideration the professional hierarchy and fair moods. He is one of the men you can say “is there anything you didn’t try in your working life?”. He has a clever, innovative attitude towards new online market opportunities. He is a forerunner. He pays attention to the other’s opinion but is able to judge by himself what worths and what will come to nothing.
Maria Grazia Ferrari, Key account manager –  Tradedoubler

I’ve been working as account manager for Meridiana fly affiliation program for a few months now but it took no time to realize how great Andrea is, both, as a person and as a business partner. He certainly has deep knowledge in the Online marketing and knows the business all-around. I enjoy working with Andrea because he is pragmatic, open-minded and inspiring to try to achieve improved results and to solve any issue we may encounter. Right from the start we were on the same page, working towards the same goals. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Andrea and build a long-term trusted partnership.”
Silvina Belziti, Partner Marketing Manager at Expedia